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Your SFDA Cosmetic, SABER, SASO Certificate Partner for Saudi Arabia Export Compliance

We are always with you, our valued customers, with our expert staff and experience in Saber, Saso Certification processes required for Saudi Arabia exports.

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What is Saber Certificate?

Saber system, Saudi Arabia Standardization Authority SASO (Standard Organization of Saudi Arabia) ...

How to Obtain Saber Certificate?

Process steps can consist of one, two or three stages, depending on the customs tariff code...

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to all the questions you may encounter regarding the certification process. For more information...

We Are Always With You

With our 12 years of sectoral experience, we minimize all the problems you may experience in certification processes, and deliver the certificates of conformity required for your exports in a fastest way.

Important News for Export

We publish the current news for you, which are put into effect by the SASO institution in Saudi Arabian exports and that exporters and manufacturers are required to fulfill.

G-Mark for toys and LVD products

G-Mark regulation for Toys and Low Voltage Electrical ...

For Ceramic Tile and Gas-Fired Appliances

With the notification of the Saudi Arabian Quality Authority (SASO) dated September 13, 2019 ...

Saber Technical Regulations

The Saudi Arabian Standardization Authority (SASO) shared the effective dates of the products with the exporters ...

Barcode Regulation

As of January 1, 2020, Saudi Arabia Customs Directorates will search for the companies' SABER system registered...

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By offering alternative solutions, we provide you with the fastest certification service with our extraordinary suggestions.

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We complete all necessary data entries for the Saber system free of charge for you.

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You can reach us every day of the week to assist you in the certification process.

Corporate Experience

We serve you with our experience in all product categories in the Saber system.

Customer Feedback

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